Bye bye 2015 wardrobe!


Hello cuties!
Long time no see. I’m not going to write another of my “pathetical excuses” (that’s what most of people sounds… in my head) but I’m honestly saying that I did not had any time to dedicate at this blog since I do unfortunately have a real job going on, and a bunch of correlate dramas. I got totally drawn away from this… but THIS still stay my passion, THIS is still what I love… THIS is makeup. *rolls of trumps*
I’m trying to walk back in this room on tiptoes… ✌
I’m just hitting and post my little online giveaway ( the prices are really great).
I’m going to upload more items soon even some accessories and makeup. Yayyyy! Take a look at my Depop Shop 🙌

Ps. DEPOP app for both apple and android is a great way to buy and sell pop items… from pop people! Don’t miss it ☺

No filters on holiday (naked skin)

Hello cuties!
I’m sitting here on my couch at 1.46am after been watching the movie “Avengers the age of ultron” which was kinda wow, but not super wow as the first one ( is that only me or the first parts of movies are the best ones?). My boyfriend is obviously stuck again in the his nerdy-apple-land … Do you even know what i’m talking about? i bet some of you have seen it: its the total life-longer dedication at creativity on using same but different programs( like Photoshop, Adobe  and all the other brain-strainers). I mean don’t misunderstand me i TOTALLY support his passion/work/hobby but sometimes you have the feeling of being home alone for hours while he is trying to learn nerdy-app-languages ( Y function of /Y-@#[#[ divided for Rx-Yt). Real facts.
But back to the all point of this post, which is not my boyfriend being nerdy,  but me missing all this so much. I mean i cant really post anything on makeup or looks because i kinda feel i own you some excuses for not being that active. Some of you have probably followed me a little bit on Instagram, but i have been setting down my apartment, working hard in my day job and traveling a little bit. I have been a week on the beautiful island of Mykonos is Greece and two weeks on the Versilia Cost in Tuscany. So i thought: what a better way to get back in the game with a holiday-post?

Mykonos 2015jun 04 2015

First the magical Greece, with its beautiful Mediterranean landscapes, breathless sunsets and limitless shades of blue. Honestly i didn’t think much about makeup because when you are tanned and with high levels of sea water on you, you dont really feel like putting some makeup on. I usually have some concealer under my eyes, MAC pro-longer concealer NW25. And then to give some more uniformity of the color i would buffer some Bobbi Brown bronzer that would give me some more glow on the skin; mascara and you good to go. So easy…. We had some great time on this expensive pearl ( trust me guys, bring always double as much as you planned!)Mykonos 2015jun 01 2015 19

We was staying in one the Ving hotels and … wow omg the commodities of Andronikos were amazing. The staff was super nice and always call you by your fist name ( i cant figure out how they learned ALL the names of the guest, i  mean they should have some confusion going on in their heads ). You like that much the hotel that one day after dinner you decide to go to the pool bar and take a drink while your beloved is taking a power nap, and you release that its 4 am and your drink has been becoming 3-4-5- lets- go- and- dance- on- the- table lever. haha but that was Mykonos spirit right?!

Mykonos 2015maj 30 2015 7

My look was always really colorful and casual, you cant really make it to walk on high heels in the city streets, neither to drive the Quad that we rented to move us on the island. OMG that thing is the most funny motorbike to drive ever. At the beginning when we first got it, i was scared to death driving it, because i am so used to drive 2 wheels and the 4 thingy is a world apart. You basically dont follow  the movements of the bike with your body but just stay still and…drive…. oh yeah its automatic so you just gas and brake… -_- yes its really easy, and no im not ashamed to say that i was scared to death to drive it the first 20 minutes, and yes my boyfriend was laughing his ass off on the back sit, trying to calm my hysterical driving. But once you get use to it,  you feel like flying. Free

Mykonos 2015jun 01 2015 20Mykonos 2015jun 01 2015 17Our main priorities were:
i mean nothing was better then wake up in the morning take your quad and visit  a new part of the island. My favorite beach was definitely AGRARI and PARAGA.

Mykonos 2015jun 01 2015 18Mykonos 2015jun 02 2015 2Mykonos 2015jun 01 2015 1

The post popular/party places are in the south of Mykonos like Cavo Paradiso and Super Paradiso. Its peaceful beach places during the day and madness during the night. There we met another Swedish couple and two friends from italy that became or party company. I really like that in holidays everybody make friends easily… friends that we gonna leave with the quote ” Dont worry we gonna keep in touch and maybe go out for a drink or something”….. LIE! That almost never happen. Honestly how many times has been happening to you? Write a comment if you have any positive memory about this. In my humble experience this happens like the week after the return to homeland and then… i dont know… i guess people moves on with their lives.. Anyway i wanna say thank you, to our group because that was really FUN.

Mykonos 2015jun 05 2015


Yes, I’m still alive!

Hello cuties! I’m very much ashamed of myself for not writing ANYTHING in those past weeks. There are no excuses at all about my behaviour. I got pretty big things happening to my life.
I moved to my new place and it took me forever to put in order the closet with all my clothes and shoes, and still i have 3 boxes that I’m actually thinking about  giving away. Charity agencies and loppies are actually my ideas. It feels so awful to give away your own babies, just like a little piece of your heart that goes away with each piece.
It is also been a brutal negotiation between me and my boyfriend about the total percentage of space that I have in the wardrobe room. The deal is that I keep the 70% of the space ( you girls know what THAT means) and he kan use the extra closet as his office ( initially I imagined a whole room full of shoes… not happening in this life).
I promise posting an update with some pictures as soon as possible.

I don’t have a make up station yet, but I took over the bathroom and create my little “makeupwithanni” corner. I’m not posting any pictures about that because it really look like a little mess…. I couldn’t fit all my products and I got eventually an out – out from my beloved ( either me or the products) so I packed up ONLY the essentials.
Well now you know what I’ve been thro those past weeks.

Although I manage to create a look for this spring time with another beauty that I recently got from Melt Cosmetics: Shady lady! That lipstick is a spring bomb: matte, bright and amazingly long lasting ( I’ve been having traces for days on my lips after this shoot).


Oh yes I forgot… I cut my hair as well. That was one of the most strange moment of my year: part of me couldn’t see falling from my back pieces of hair and the other part wanted that Lob so bad haha pffffff girls!
In this shoot I have Iconic of House of lashes on my eyes and a brown – gold look. Been used the Contour Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills and then my little new diamond Shady lady! Isn’t that beautiful?? Check their website many are already sold – out


Face contouring and product overview : Anastasia Beverly Hills

Hello cuties!
Today no fancy pictures or looks, but just a short product review and a open question to you.
When it comes to contouring, I think still a lot of girls are kinda skeptical of how important and life changing is. I started to contour with a bronzer and a creamy highlighter. The bronzer was my blush that helped me to sculp my cheeks. Alla i used to bright up was a little bit of highlighter on my upper cheek. Later I discovered that, this is not contouring. -_-

A secret for a perfect contouring is all about following the lines of your face, use an high coverage products and blend everything patiently. I use the beauty blender, but any synthetic brush will work.
I wanna post an example picture of a perfect contouring that I took from Smashbox site:


Now this is the funny way, everybody looks like before blending it. You don’t wanna go out like this right? So get your blender and work it out.
The basic rule is that If you wanna hide or mask something then you need to go dark. If you wanna bright up or emphasize then you need to go light. There is different contouring for different face shapes, but I don’t want to dig technical, just remember
Hide = dark
Show = bright


Now when it comes to contouring who is the living legend? In my eyes is Anastasia Beverly Hills.
They started with brow’s kit, then palettes ( I own 2 and they are soooo beautiful) and now mastering in contouring.


In this contour Kit there are 3 warm matte bronzing powder  ( or maybe better call then contour powder)
and the famous banana powder, vanilla powder and an highlight which is very very pretty and a glossy.
Look how gorgeous this colors look like.

Contour Kit Swatches

All of them have a very high pigmentation and are very soft and blend really well with other products. Now recently it came out the creamy version. I so much looking forward to try it and test the difference.
Right now I’m totally sadisafied with this kit, and I have been using it every day.

Any of you have ever try it? Or do you have another favorite creamy concealer?

Let me know what you think,

Melt Cosmetics, you melt my heart….

Hello cuties!!
i know i have been MIA for a little bit! No matter how many promises i made to myself to blog min 2 times per week, in the last 4 weeks it’s been always something going on, that will actually block me from blogging. Like getting a flu (check), start to pack at home (check), book and organize an holiday after the moving (check), s.valentines day (check).
I didn’t even manage to post something on the lovers day because i was so busy with sleeping ( yes i do love sleeping…..) and getting beautiful for that night. For you that follow me on Instagram, i posted some photos of my look and makeup on that day.

Another thing that kept me busy in this period is been the online shopping $_$ ! I bought more products that usual, and NO my boyfriend is not happy about that. Is online shopping an addiction?Yes: What is it called like? E-shopaholic … or maybe online-shopping-addiction… OSA… Don’t know the exact word, but im talking about that little voice inside that tells you that you GOTTA have this thing before you die, because your life until now without that thing has been miserable and pathetic…. °_°  what to do? who to listen?
I, then, go on Instagram, like a picture; check out the products the MUA used; then go on the product website and all suddenly feel myself as Columbus on the American cost after a long travel; then so happy about my new discovery i, later, fill my cart with 2-3 products ( u know, just to try…..) and then before pressing the button “Pay with Paypal” i see my economical life-situation on slow motion ( it’s not a cliche, i just don’t have that long economical situation to use the fast motion) passing in front of me and i also see my boyfriend popping out of a cloud, and telling me ” I told you…… i told you, we aint makin’ it this month” ( i hate when he says “I TOLD YOU” when recalling the time he actually told me to avoid doing something). Then i stop…. Yes i do! I close the page and come back after a 2-3 days… if the feeling is still that strong i’m buying it. If it feels a little bit less euphoria, then i decide to avoid buying it. That’s the only way to preserve my economical and sentimental peace!
But this month i bought a The contour kit, a palette, 2 new lipsticks and not one, BUT 2 iron curlers that will apparently will change my life. hmm…… Okay FINE!!! i also bought 4 amazing packs of the “House of lashes” ( yep, honey if you are reading this message, this is not real! it’s a pure image of your imagination, i totally didn’t buy 4 cases of lashes…. Please skip this chapter and look at the amazing pictures you took of me. Just scroll down, look look, you forgot to cover a blemish with PS!)

So in one of my boxes, i found the lipstick THAT changed my life. It would actually change EVERYBODY’s life.
*roll the drums*
I am talking about MR.Fabulous Dark Room by Melt Cosmetics!!!

OMG YES YES YES….. This is the father of the red(ish) lipsticks, the father of all the matte creations….This lipstick is capable of a long lasting performance, with a minimal effort. Just pass it once, and  it’s so highly pigmented that you won’t need a fix-up for at least 5-7 hrs. I am not kidding… First a did the photo shooting, then i went to buy some food, and then i cooked and ate a deliciuos dinner. And NOTHING. N-O-T-H-I-N-G!! The lipstick was still there and with the same intensity. I can’t believe that this little babe cost only 19$…
Please if you still don’t own a Melt product, check out their webshop… and have fun!!

Okay a fast 3 pros and 3 cons:
– Extra long lasting
– Total Matte
– Shades are perfection.

– Always sold out!!
– No shops
– … always sold out!

Okay i’m not talking anymore…..  Just enjoy this picture with Mr.perfection….

NOTE TO MYSELF: remember to wax your mustache before a lipstick showcase.

Thanks for reading, and for any question abut the products used for this look, i can answer with a comment, if requested.


Dr. Bronner’s organic products

Hello cuties!
This week i have an another product review about something that was not planned to become part of my skincare routine.  I am little bit lazy when it comes to skincare products, in fact i don’t use EVERYDAY masks, creams, serum and lotions. But here i have 2 products that surprisingly entered my house thank to my boyfriend’s hyper-ecological-syndrome that is turning my kitchen, and now my cleansing products, into a fair-trade -eco labels. Is GOOD! all this is REALLY good, do not misunderstand me. I love having fresh and healthy products at home; i rather buy and spend more for a local grocery then a big superstore.

The first time when i stumbled upon Dr.Bronner’s was a couple of years ago, when i was still subscribed to the Glossy BOX: a box that monthly gives you 5 makeup products to test and review. If you live in Sweden, check HERE to learn how to get your monthly box  too.( 139kr/month)
DBR-77532-1In one box, i found this Dr.Bronner’s magic soup, that was totally made with organic oils produced in fair-trade countries. It has the mission to give fare wages to the farmers and to promote a better skin-health . it is for all skin-types even for the sensitive ones.
It was like a ritual-wash that included using a warm cloth to wash your body and scrub away all your dead cells, and without any waste of water, you would be clean and pepperminted. I  personally HATE IT! Omg my skin was burning because of the rubbing and the strong peppermint scent. Plus i didn’t feel “washed” without rinsing with water: it just didn’t feel rite….

Never used anything anymore from that brand, since 3 days ago when my boyfriend tells me to go and get a package in the post, and to have look inside at the products. I got excited!! I was thinking he finally listened to my wish list and got me a S.valentine’s gift…. -_- No, that did not happened… He has a weird and twisted idea of “gifts” i knew it. The past S.Valentine i actually got a rose inside a pizza box ( not the most romantic thing,but appreciable, since i understood that was a last- minute- emergency gift).
When i opened the box, i found 2 products from my old friend Dr.Bonner:

  1. One hand and body soap with lavender
  2. One hand and body lotion with orange lavender

I decided to give those a second chance i now i actually changed my mind.


The soap feels really smooth on my hands and it really smells good. Its very fresh and i can feel that my skin is less dry now. I have a huge problem with my hands on the winter time: they become red and really dry ( my boyfriend keeps telling me that i have a truck-driver hands). I handle water everyday in my job, so i put on high pressure my hand’s skin. Check the link on amazon if you want more flavors.

The body lotions smells incredibly good, and i like the unusual pair up with orange and lavender. It contains both Jojoba oil and coconut oil, and makes your skin really smooth and soft. Its in somehow too liquid but it absorbs very fast, so is not recommended for massage sessions ( too bad…. )
Idk why bu the picture on amazon differs from mine, but i think they re-designed the packaging*
*Author’s note: i like better the previous one.
It funny how things that you don’t like at the beginning, become slowly your new favorite.

Have you ever try this brand? What is your idea about organic products?
Let me know what you think….


Pixi Palette Review

Hello cuties!
First of all i wanna apologize for my long absence but a lot of thing being going on in my life. I wanna thank God for letting me out after a whole week of snowstorm that almost buried me alive at home :/ Seriously whatttttaaaa!! I mean i barely opened my balcony last night because of the snow…. In between the snow, i have also started to pack my house for the upcoming moving out ( i cant figure out what i was thinking when i bought so many unnecessary things…..), so i ended up giving away a lot.

For my coming-back i wanted to write a review of the 2 goodies that i bought 2 weeks ago (the Pixi Palette and Anastasia Contour Kit), but at the same time i wanted also to create a new look for this winterish snowish period, so i kinda mixed em together here. Here comes THE QUESTION: what is the color of this year? of course you all know is Burgundy!! Every single MUA out there is talking about it, so let me join the sheep-crowd, and make a look out of it.

Makeupwithanni-01jan 31 2015 2

Im gonna be making a Burgundy wine eyes with natural pink lips.
I have been using ONLY the Pixi by Petra Palette. Give it a close look first:
It has a wide range of cool and warm tones, 18 cool from a light pink to a glitterish violet and black and the other side 18 more warm tones both shiny and matte. I’m obviously obsessed with the warm tones, because i think this is the only one palette that gives you so much to chose from. I cannot find it on Amazon, since i actually bought it from ( a Swedish makeup store) but i think i found it on eBay, although it says “SOLD OUT”

the wonder of this babe is not only about the 36 eyeshadows but also about the 6 highlighters and the 6 blushes. All i can say its that i found the blush of my life, the one that i have been waiting for so long, through thick and pain: the orange blush! ( the middle one at the bottom). When i first saw it i was like ” No way that thing is too orange…. can’t wear it it will make me look sick” but then i tried and ALLELUIA!!!

Makeupwithanni-01jan 31 2015 1

The down side of Pixi is that they haven’t given ANY name to the shades: so here comes a spontaneous question.
DEAR Pixi, how do you want me to review your palette without ANY NAME of the tones? Do you really think that by saying ” the third one, on the left, second column from the right side……”  people will understand WHICH shades have i been using?? Seriously it is NOT working!  so I am gonna SKIP this shade-position description and im just gonna write numbers on the shades i have been using ( ohhh geez double photo work )


Number 1 is the transition color that i used above my crease
Number 2 is the blending color used in my crease
Number 3 is the the lid base color
Number 4 is the second lid color that i mixed to get this Burgundy effect
Number 5 and 6 are the blushes i applied on my cheeks ( mixed 2 because it was that very first time i used  the Orange one and i was still scared of it LOL)
Number 7 is the fabulous highlighter above my cheeks (shine bright like a diamond, shine bright like a diamond)

For the contour i used the Anastasia Kit, eye gel is from Makeup geek in Immortal, and lipstick is YSL Rouge Volupté shade 1.

Let me finish this by listing 3 good sides and 3 down sides of this palette:

1- Beautiful range of colors
2- All-in-one blush and highlighter
3- No fall out

1- No freaking names of the shades
2- Too many shiny brown shades ( i am a MATTE lover to death)
3- The lasting is medium ( not more then 5-6 hours)

Let me know what you think about it.


New nails!!!


Hello cuties!!
This is NOT a real blog post, but just a showcase 🙂 I just wanted to share with  you this AWESOMENESS that I got on my nails.
I actually been without any nail art for almost 2 weeks, because I think my natural nail needed a time out. A couple of days ago I went to my favorite nail technician ( sounds more professional this way haha) Anna Lauritzen that also happens to be my sister – in – law, yes rite, the one telling me my blogs are too long. Among her many talents, she can drink more then 10 liters soda per day and she is dupe to do gel nails.


For all those who are following my blog, and live in Stockholm, you can check her works on instagram @nailsbyonly.a

Cleansing routine

Hello Cuties!
After almost a week of hardcore-flu, i am finally back to my normal life. With “hardcore flu” i mean that flu that keeps in you bed with an average sleeping hours of 13 -14 per day and  an all-night-long cough. *rolls eyes* I didn’t even know that my body could actually tolerate that much sleep. I mean im NOT a sleep-friendly person, that’s why i believe that taking a siesta takes too much time from our already short life. I m a night person, i like writing, reading and watching movies at night *1.30 am is ATM*. Now if i had to write like a proper beauty-blogger i would have to say ” Beauty sleep is at least 8 hours and it is needed from our cells to re-generate and bla bla bla” you already been around the block aren’t you?
So im going against the trend and say that NO, 8 hours per night are too much!! I regularly sleep between 6 and 7 hours therefore when it happens to be 8-9 hours then i woke up with my eyes being the size of a wrecking I know that sound wrong, but my problem is not actually sleeping too little, but sleeping TOO MUCH.


So what am i doing as skincare before my 6 hours siesta?
i have been reading a lot of blogs about this subject, and all of them talks about ” the 10 steps before going to bed” or ” my night routine- that- takes-almost-1-hour-to-complete-it” and spontaneously pops the following question up: are you girls telling me that you have the patience to have a 10-steps-routine every freaking evening when home from work? I mean thats impressive your have more discipline  then Kesuke Miyagi from my childhood favorites “Karate Kid” keep-calm-and-wax-on-wax-off-1Dear readers,this is NOT my case,  do not be worry of being stuck into a long night- routine post, because mine is actually made of 3 simple and repetitive steps:

  1. Wash my face
    No matter how much makeup i have, i always wash my face morning and evening with the same cleanser. I mean i dont know if i should talk about an ADDICTION or just an OBSESSION that has been lasting quite a long, but i cant get enough of this product *roll of drums*Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser
    This amazing stuff is truly made for ANY type of skin, and gives the cleansing without the dryness and redness of the most sensitive skins. It takes away even the waterproofs mascaras and is great if used combined with a Skin cleansing system such as MIA ( added to my things-i-want-but-no-one-thinks-about-them-as-a-present list). So what i basically and simply do is wash my face first with plain warm water, then take a small amount of my Purity and rub it all over my face for at least 30 seconds. At last i just wash again my face until all the soupy feeling is gone.
  2.  Take away the hardcore makeup
    Even tho you wash your face with a great cleanse product, you will always have that area around the eyes that look like a panda. So what can it be the number 2 of my skincare?  Take a waterproof makeup remover. Here again, i have been trying around 50 different brands ( no kidding!) and until now NO ONE and i mean it, NO ONE could ever replace my dear L’Oreal Eye and Lip make up remover.
    I love it because its bi-color and it feels spacey, i like it because its made for gentle skins ( i always get red around the eyes, if the product is not for sensitive skins) and it take away ALL the makeup residues. I mean even the evil glue for lashes that clumps around your eyes.
    Note to the DUO brand developers:  I mean seriously guys, the glue needs to keep the lashes on  place for a day not for an endless time, so there is no need to make it strong and annoying to be removed. End of the note.
  3. Hydrate the skin (when i feel i need it)
    In mostly of my days, my night routine will be stopping at the step 2. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but i don’t actually use a moisturizer every night. Sometimes i feel like my face is hydrated enough by itself so if i put MORE hydration, i will break out. That’s maybe a phobia, but “esta es” the blunt truth: i put a cream/oil/serum only a couple of days a week, when i’ve actually had a really ruff day.  Probably all the makeup bloggers out there are going to say ” how dare you to call yourself a MUA, if you don’t use regularly at least 3 different moisturizing products: eyes,neck and face?” *sighs*  i know rite im weird.
    When it comes to use a moisturizer, then it will be the Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil
    FRESH seaberry face oil
    The Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil is $60 for 50ml. At first it might seem expensive, but the bottle will last you a very long time because you only need a drop or two with each use. I literally bought it like a year ago, and i still got some left. A drop or two will do ( do 3 just in case), and I like to gently massage it onto my face until its totally absorbed.
  4.  Going to bed *ronf ronf* while thinking to all the poor girls out there still dealing with step 4-5-6-7-8-9-10….. of their skincare night routine.


Diamonds are girls best friend

Hello cuties!
Its friday night….. You have your favorite dress on, the make up is done and that fabulous new bag is coming with you. What else is missing? Oh… A bling bling or, for all the common people out there, a jewel!

I am not a kind of girls that likes to go out dolled up like a Christmas tree, but  without that pair of earrings, i kinda feel naked. My favorites of all times are the classical  circle earrings, they are like the red lipstick: never too old fashion.

Wearing “ZARA” by Freyja Of Stockholm


Back a few years ago, i was obsessed with ethnic jewellery, that kind full of multicolor stones and that silver that will turn into bronze in at the first use. The only possible explanation to all this is that i have been abducted by aliens in the 90’s and they erased all my memory. Until in the 2013 ( that’s when i really started to be sensible at fashion and makeup), after all the possible experiments on me, they understood that the human race is NOT an advance type, and that its better to leave them alone on their miserable planet.
Anyway as i said, i left the chunkiness of my past jewelry, and decided to be a grown woman, and look for something fitting my age ( which is obviously 22 freshly turned).
Last year, in one of my dates with my best friend (Ingrid I love you ), i met Bayan. She was such a strong an beautiful woman. Everything about her was just inspiring. She started her own company in her 20’s, and she wanna deliver quality jewels to all the independent woman out there. I literally LOVE all her pieces, and as soon i got the chance i bought the earrings that i have in the picture above and below. Her brand “Freyja Of Stockholm”  is a Viking goddess of beauty, strength & love. Legend has it she owned the world’s most beautiful necklace ever seen by mankind and her life revolved around beauty and jewelry – the same way we portray you wearing our jewelry.

They ship internationally and have some amazing things…. all of them are handmade and partially of the the profit goes to the NON-PROFIT association of “Doctors Mission” that helps women and kids to stand on their feet.


Let me make this disclaimer now and clear: I DON’T get pay for this post, every product shown on this blog was purchased by myself with my own money or gifted by family/friends unless otherwise stated.
Freyja is my friend and i love her. She is such a beautiful soul, and she deserve to be seen out there, because these earrings are stunning and with high quality. I own 3 pairs, one of those labeled with my name “Anelia” and currently out of stock.

If you add ANELIA10 to your purchase, you will get 10% off the price….. i hope you guys don’t think i’m a product hore, but that i am just trying to help a talented friend.